Isn't it time you tap into the innovative price management tools Promoter® offers and stop leaving money on the table?
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Manage Everyday Prices, Kits & Promotions






Revolutionary Price Management Solution

Everyday Price Optimization

Advanced Pricing Logic's Promoter® features a uniquely intelligent and intuitive interface. We provide retailers, distributors and manufacturers with a comprehensive... learn more

Bundle & Kit Automation

Promoter's Bundles & Kits logic intelligently imports, then sums up the individual pricing of your kitted inventory items for re-pricing. Keep on top of your...learn more

Promotional Price Management

Want to create a sale or a big promotion? Promoter® will assist! Create an effective, revenue increasing sale in minutes! When creating a sale or promotion, figure out what your... learn more

Science of Price Optimization

Drive your competitive advantage with higher sales, better margins and happier customers.

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